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About us

Lodis hardware sanitary utensil co., ltd, which was founded in 1998, is one of the sizeable production enterprises of metal decoration industries in China. With the area of 10,000 square metres of factory, she has an annual production of RMB 45 million operates with advanced metal die-casting equipment, processing machinery and automatic mirror silvering producing lines, etc. She has more than 200 employees allotting in several department of management, design, stock, production, QC, marketing and other departments. Also, she has offices locating in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Lodis is a professional company engaging in producing and processing hardware decoration, glass products, towel rail, paper holder, pedal bin, bathroom mirror and dressing mirror, etc, which are the top grade and marketable products in China.
Lodis hardware sanitary utensil co., ltd located in a "world factory" known city,Dongguan, China. This is the PRD economic belt, which supply Lodis vitality for the unique geographic location advantages. As a member of the belt, lodis is working hard to meet the brand new development. Since the inception, lodis insists on the mission of “helping people live more comfortable and safely". Whether in China, US states, Europe, Oceania or Asia, what we uphold are the high quality brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, toughened glass, and natural wood for material, and the continuous efforts to upgrade the level of manufacturing process for operation.
For Lodis, the persistent principle is---"stick to the way of brand management". In 2000, the brand of “Lodis” has been registered successfully, “Lodis”, has five letters, which are the enrichment of our company culture. Meaning respectively: L-laborious - with our shoulder to collar, showing the utmost fortitude; O-object- establishing business ambitious goals; D-durative- adhering to the way of sustainable development ;I-innovation - innovation of market exploiting; S-solidarity- having the unlimited power of unity.
"Providing customers with the best quality of products and distingue services" is our eternal purpose. For the future, we will rely on the technology and equipment advantage through the escalating of information systems and management systems, with integrity, to won the top-ranking brand of Metal Decoration & building materials industry.


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